The Best Gluten Free Pancake Mix

As those of you with food allergies might know, there are several different pancake mixes out there…. and pretty much all of them suck. They have a funny taste at the end, the texture is all wrong, they are as white as a sheet of paper even after it is cooked, they have no nutritional value. Well, I have FINALLY come across a pancake mix that is AWESOME.

And by AWESOME, I mean they actually taste like pancakes used to. I love the flour mix so much that I have made some of chocolatecoveredkatie‘s single lady cupcakes out of them too (I made the blueberry muffin version). The mix is by thepurepantry, and they should be high fived for it. It is a mixture of buckwheat flour and flax. They have a recipe for crepes, waffles, muffins, and of course pancakes on the bag. I used to have a Russian roommate who would talk about these Russian crepes called Blinis that are made with buckwheat flour, and now I understand why she loves them so much. I am going to take this mix to her house and see if her mom will make some blinis for me sometime.

Okay, so here is the link to the mix:

Pancake Mix

You really will enjoy them, I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t mean it. Putting something in writing is scary.

xoxo Britney


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