Chocolate Jewelled Bliss Balls

Making these!

Tabitha’s Edit


Bliss balls are a brilliant invention.  A quick  gluten-free, Paleo,  healthy, delicious and easy to make snack that is also very portable.  They are a god send, no baking no brainer.

These bliss balls are a yummy combination of dark 70% coco chocolate, jewels (pomegranate seeds), brazil nuts, cashew nuts, peanut butter, almond butter, honey and chia seeds…. what a divine list of ingredients.

Every now and again I like to have a little snack to pick me up when I crash a little mid afternoon.  But sometimes finding something when your out and about that will sustain me that isn’t full of unpronounceable ingredients, processed sugar and lets face it crap is difficult. This is when these little balls are perfect.  .

This week is Celiac awareness Week in the UK, and May is Celiac Awareness Month globally, both  fantastic initiatives to raise awareness about Celiac disease and non…

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