Redcurrant Sorbet with a Gin and Jam swirl

This looks amazing.

ice cream magazine

red currants©  36 redcurrant ©

A recent mishap, something to do with not closing a freezer door properly or some such nonsense and the impending arrival of better weather (complete and utter nonsense ) requires the malfunctioning writer to get a shift on with converting the remaining sullen contents, mostly an overburden of fruits from last year.  Sort the remaining disarray and dismay of freezer being ones mantra of the week.

4 redcurrant ©  2 redcurrant © redcurrant ©  5 redcurrant ©

The frosty red currants retain a wanten look, still clinging into their little sticks and stems. One ponders the prospect of just stripping them and whizzing them with some icing sugar or vanilla syrup, surely worth a punt per punnet under the circumstances? Anyway it works for bananas and they look similar don’t they?

13 redcurrant ©  15 redcurrant © redcurrant ©  16 redcurrant ©

Fiddle about with boiling, straining and stock syrups if you wish but this is an insta-win.  Adding a tablespoon of icing sugar and a dash…

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