I recently graduated from the University of Georgia with my degree in Dietetics. I currently work for Lifestyle Health Networks, a company that does corporate and individual wellness plans. Eventually, I want to go back to school and get my PhD in Foods & Nutrition so that I can do research.

I became passionate about food allergies after I found out that I have them in 2011. An update in 2014, I used to be allergic to many things, including wheat, soy, eggs, cherries, grapefruit, lima beans, pinto beans, red #3, bht (preservative found in cereals and gum), benzoate/benzoic acid. And partially allergic to dairy, raspberries, oranges, and tomatoes. I recently found out that those are not my allergies anymore. I couldn’t be more excited. My current allergies are potatoes, zucchini, watermelon, beets, gluten (this one is an intolerance), red #3, and BHT. I don’t want others to struggle the way I have to find products that are tasty and don’t taste funny. I want them to be able to go to restaurants with their friends and not be afraid to speak up about their allergies. I want allergy awareness to increase to the point where most restaurants provide alternatives and options (fast food places are not welcome).

I don’t want a revolution for the sake of those with allergies alone, but for everyone who is consuming products. We don’t want anymore harmful preservatives and dyes in our foods. We don’t want genetically modified foods. It is not right to do that to people, especially in hopes that everyone will just remain unaware. I want to defend those who do not know what they are consuming.

Things I love: health, fitness, food, cooking, traveling (this I love the most), farmer’s markets, herbal medicine, beautiful gardens, dresses, fancy events, hot yoga, dancing, meeting new people, adventures, and trying new things like restaurants, recipes, drinks, beauty products, workouts, etc.

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